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AMBER Glass Bottles

Amber glass effectively shields UV rays with wavelengths less than 450nm. The material also filters blue light and can filter UV radiation. As a result, it's ideal for storing items that need to avoid direct sunlight. Companies that use this color include essential oils, pharmaceuticals, and plant-based products.

On this page, you will find more info about the benefits of amber Boston round bottles, their uses, and all the details.
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Is amber glass better than clear glass?

Glass amber bottles can help change the appearance of your product's packaging while also extending its shelf life. Amber bottles are preferable to clear bottles because their yellow, deep red, and orange tones do not emit as much light as a clear glass bottle.

What types of glass dropper bottles can you find in The Bottle Depot?

Glass dropper bottles are available in three different sizes at The Bottle Depot. The first is the 0.33 oz Glass Round Bottle, which has a capacity of 0.33 oz (9 ml). 1 oz Glass Round Bottle with a total of 1 oz or 30ml. The fourth type is the 4 oz Glass Round Bottle, 4 oz, and 118 ml.

Are amber or blue bottles better?

Because of the way light interacts with matter, the color of a bottle affects the contents. Bluebottles are more likely than amber bottles to keep the contents cool. It turns out that drinking water from a blue bottle is better for the environment and tastes better. Bluebottles are built of BPA-free polyethylene terephthalate plastic, devoid of other potentially hazardous substances. Bluebottle is better than amber because it absorbs the most visible light, making it feel more refreshing and clean.

What colors of glass dropper bottles can you find in The Bottle Depot?

The Bottle Depot comes with colored glass dropper bottles, including amber, black UV, green, and cobalt blue. Each glass color offers varying degrees of UV protection, with amber offering the most, cobalt offering a medium level of security, and green offering the least.

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