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4 oz Glass Dropper Bottles

Our 4-ounce (118 ml) clear glass boston round bottle has a round base and a 20-400 continuous thread neck finish and is ideal for essential oils, perfumes, lotions, massage oils, and other products.

These bottles are the perfect size to be used while traveling since they are small enough to fit in your luggage or purse. In addition, the wide mouth provides easy access to the contents of the bottle, meaning that you can enjoy your supply without making a mess.

We have a large selection of 4 oz Boston Round Glass bottles at the bottle depot. You can learn more about their benefits, uses, and other features.

The 24-400 continuous thread neck finish on our 4 oz Boston Round Glass Bottle is a nice touch. Above all, it allows you to easily combine this bottle with many closures to make your custom package due to its specific qualities. For example, it features a design like round shoulders and a round base.
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Is amber Glass better than clear Glass?

Glass amber bottles can help modify the appearance of your product's packaging and extend the shelf life of your product. Therefore, amber bottles are better than clear bottles because their yellow, deep red, and orange tones do not give as much light as a clear glass bottle.

Do amber vials protect from light? 

Amber vials are designed to protect from light. The light radiated from objects outside the vial cannot pass through the vials, preventing UV rays from penetrating the product inside. If you're concerned about contamination, storing your product in an amber bottle may be best.


Why are essential oils in amber bottles?

Essential oils are highly volatile and can be adversely affected by light, heat, or air exposure. The amber bottles help protect the oil from these things and preserve its quality. Also, The amber color protects the essential oil from UV light and other environmental pollutants.


Is amber bottle glass BPA-free? 

Is amber bottle glass BPA-free? Unfortunately, not all amber bottles are of borosilicate glass. While most borosilicate glasses are BPA-free, some manufacturers use other types of glass and coatings to make their products look like borosilicate. So what are the advantages of using a borosilicate glass bottle? Borosilicate glass is durable, high-temperature resistant, and doesn't break easily.


What colors of glass dropper bottles can you find in The Bottle Depot?

The Bottle Depot sells different colored glass dropper bottles, including amber, black UV, green, and cobalt blue bottles.

Are amber or blue bottles better?

The color of a bottle affects the contents, and this is because of the way light interacts with matter. Bluebottles are more likely to keep the contents cool than amber ones. It turns out that scientists have found that drinking water from a blue bottle is better for the environment and tastes better. Bluebottles are polyethylene terephthalate plastic free of BPA and other harmful chemicals. A Bluebottle is better than amber because it absorbs the most light in the visible spectrum, making it feel more refreshing and clean.

What types of glass dropper bottles can you find in The Bottle Depot

There are three different types of glass dropper bottles that you can find here at The Bottle Depot. The first type is the 0.33 oz Glass Round Bottle which has a volume of 0.33 oz or 9 ml. 1 oz Glass Round Bottle which has a volume of 1 oz and or 30ml. And the third type is the 4 oz Glass Round Bottle which has a volume of 4 oz and 118 ml.

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