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2 oz Glass Bottles

Are you sick of seeing items lose their efficacy and freshness because of poor storage? Then, trust The Bottle Depot's 2 oz. Glass bottles to meet all your requirements.

Our collection of 2 oz glass bottles is perfect for preserving and protecting your products.

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Benefits: Glass bottles provide the best protection against spoilage and contamination. Our 2 oz glass bottles are perfect for archival purposes for several reasons. They may be recycled indefinitely, have zero toxicity, and have no pores. In addition to being long-lasting and difficult to break, our bottles also resist fading and odor absorption.

Uses: The 2 oz capacity of our glass bottles makes them perfect for storing essential oils, perfumes, and serums. These bottles are the right size to throw in a suitcase or carry on a plane. They are also helpful for keeping little objects like beads and glitter and for use in DIY projects and arts and crafts.

Available Colors: We have several different colored 2 oz glass bottles available. The available options are amber, amber frosted, clear frosted, black frosted, blue, green, clear UV, and black UV. Our jars and bottles are offered singly with corresponding lids. Thanks to the detailed dimensions on each product page, you can choose a bottle that fits your requirements.

Features: Each of our jars and bottles has its matching lid. With the measurements listed for each bottle, choosing the perfect one for your needs is simple. Amber, amber frosted, clear frosted, black frosted, blue, green, clear, and black UV are just some of the hues we offer for our 2 oz glass bottle.

Dimension: The inside dimensions of our 1.50" wide by 4.25" tall glass bottles hold two fluid ounces. The range of neck sizes is 20–400.

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