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Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles

We have a wide range of sizes of cobalt blue glass bottles on this page. You will also find more about the history of these bottles.

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Boston Round Bottles

Boston round bottles first appeared around the 19th century; these bottles have helped transform various industries, most especially in the world of medicine. When it comes to glass containers, Boston round bottles are one of the most popular nowadays. This blog will explore the Cobalt blue glass bottles' history, types, and functions in our society.

How can you determine if the glass is cobalt blue? 

Cobalt blue glass bottles' deep and rich hue makes them a unique container. The magnificent deep blue colors obtained by adding cobalt oxides to molten glass make this container type simple to recognize. The finished color is determined by the amount of cobalt oxide applied, and cobalt blue is one of the most common options on the market.


Why is it called the Boston round bottle? 

These bottles first appeared in the United Kingdom in the 19th century and swiftly spread around the globe. The Winchester bottle got its name not from the English town of the same name but from a measurement called a Winchester Quart that existed at the time. While there is no clear evidence of how or why it became known as a Boston round, it is now the most widely used word.


What is the use of Boston cobalt blue glass bottles

The Boston cobalt blue glass bottles were traditionally used for medicines and poisons when they were initially produced. On the other hand, the rounded shoulders make them suitable for solids and liquids, and they are now used for a variety of items, most notably massage oils, lotions, scents, and essential oils. This is because the blue color creates a luxurious impression and helps prevent light from damaging the contents.


How do you sterilize glass bottles?

Sterilization of Boston cobalt blue glass bottles can be accomplished in several ways. Using an oven is the most common approach, which may do on an industrial or household scale but needs heating the glass to roughly 130°C to eliminate any pollutants. You can also accomplish this with steam, which is equally effective.

What colors of light does a blue glass bottle absorb? 

The color of the bottle is an essential factor, as that indicates which kind of light the glass permits. Cobalt blue glass bottles will let blue light through, and they can prevent the vast amount of harmful UV light from entering, protecting the contents from damage.


Does blue glass protect from UV?

Cobalt blue glass bottles are a popular choice as they can absorb many UV rays, preventing them from passing through and spoiling the product inside. They are one of the most effective against protecting from harmful UV rays, while deep blue is a popular aesthetic choice for packaging.


What types of Boston bottles can you find in The Bottle Depot

We have a wide choice of sizes here at The Bottle Depot, ensuring that you will always be able to develop a suitable solution for your Cobalt blue Boston round bottles, no matter what you require. We like offering the best service to our consumers, available solutions, and working with them to discover suitable bottles for their needs.

What other colors of Boston round bottles can you find in The Bottle Depot

While cobalt blue Boston round bottles are a fantastic solution for various industries, The Bottle Depot knows our customers have different requirements. That is why we also offer an array of alternatives, including:

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