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How to sterilize glass bottles?

Why should you sterilize your glass bottles?

Bacteria can live in the liquid inside your glass bottles if they are not adequately cleaned. If your bottles have not been adequately cleaned, bacteria may be living inside them. This is a severe health hazard that increases the risk of you getting food poisoning and other illnesses. To avoid this, make sure to sterilize your bottles before using them.

How to sterilize glass bottles

There are several methods for sterilizing glass bottles. The most common methods are boiling the bottles in water or sterilizing them in cold water, which is a better option for sterilizing glass bottles because it does not harm the bottles and increases their durability. You can also use UV sterilization which kills any bacteria on the bottle after an hour or two in the sun; it is a convenient method of sterilizing glass bottles. Or bleach solution for more thorough cleaning. On the other hand, microwaving and dishwashers are also reliable ways to sterilize your bottles.

Bottle sterilization methods we recommend

We have six alternative ways to sterilize your bottles: microwave, boiling in water, cold water sterilization, UV sterilization, dishwasher technique, and bleach dunking. However, Each process has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So let's dive into it!

Microwave Bottles

One good tip is to use a microwave to sterilize your bottles. If you choose to sterilize your bottles in the microwave, put the bottle in a microwave and heat it at high power for 1-2 minutes. It would be best not to put any liquid in the bottle while microwaving because this might cause a pressure build-up that can lead to an explosion. This procedure does not apply to all glass bottles, as some are incompatible with microwaves and may gradually or rapidly lose form when subjected to high temperatures.

Boil them in water

The second way to sterilize glass bottles is by boiling them. Boiling is a widespread way to clean and sterilize. This method is the cheapest and most effective, but it takes more time than microwaving them. Bottles must be submerged in (covered by) boiling water for 10 minutes to be sterilized. The boiling water will heat the bottle and kill any bacteria lingering on the inside. 

Sterilize them in cold water

Coldwater is a better option to sterilize your glass bottles because it doesn't damage the bottles and makes them more durable. In addition, you can use cold water to sterilize your bottles and make them last longer for reuse. How? Just fill-up the bucket with cold water in liters to 5. Next, add one or two cups of liquid (1L). Lastly, you can add your glass bottles to the bucket.

UV sterilization

A more convenient method of sterilizing glass bottles is UV sterilization, which will kill any bacteria on the bottle after being left out in the sun for an hour or two. UV light sterilization is safe for food, food preparation services, and non-food items. The fact that UV light sterilization is non-toxic is its most significant advantage. For example, that UV light kills molds and fungi. Other sterilization methods may not work or leave a damp surrounding where fungi can thrive. Because UV disinfection is a dry procedure, you can be confident that it will eliminate existing mold and avoid potential growth. 

Dishwasher method

The dishwasher method is a popular way to sterilize glass bottles because it is easy and effective. A person should place the bottle on the top rack of their dishwasher, with the mouth facing down, and run it on a hot cycle. The person should then dry off the bottle with a paper towel before using it to ensure that there isn't any leftover residue from detergent or soap.

Bleach solution

You can use a bleach solution to sterilize glass bottles to make them safe for reuse. For example, you can fill up a tub with water and add two tablespoons of bleach into the water before placing the bottles there for 20 minutes. Also, you can use a bleach solution to clean and disinfect glass bottles before use. 

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