How to sterilize glass bottles?

Why should you sterilize your glass bottles?

Bacteria can live within your bottles if they haven't been thoroughly cleaned. You are more likely to contract food poisoning and other illnesses as a result of this serious health danger. Sterilize your bottles before using them to prevent this from happening.

How to sterilize glass bottles

Glass bottles may be sterilized using a variety of techniques. The two most popular techniques are sterilizing the bottles in cold water or boiling them in water. Because it enhances the longevity of glass bottles and doesn't damage them, this method is preferable for sterilizing them. Another option for sterilizing glass bottles is UV sterilization, which eliminates any germs on the container after an hour or two in the sun. alternatively, a bleach solution for a deeper clean. On the other hand, sterilizing your bottles in a dishwasher or a microwave oven is also a reliable method..

Bottle sterilization methods we recommend

We have six alternative ways to clean and sterilize your bottles:
- Microwave
- Boiling in water,
- Cold water sterilization,
- UV sterilization,
- Dishwasher technique
- Bleach dunking.
However, Each process has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So let's dive into it!

Microwave Bottles

One helpful tip is to sterilize bottles in the microwave. To sterilize plastic bottles in a microwave, you should heat them for 1-2 minutes at full power. You shouldn't put any liquids in the bottle and microwave it since the pressure inside might cause the bottle to burst. Remember that certain glass bottles may not fare well in the microwave and/or rapidly or gradually lose their form when subjected to high temperatures, rendering this procedure ineffective.

Boil them in water

The second method for sterilizing glass bottles is boiling. One common method of sanitation is boiling. This is the most cost-effective and efficient approach, although it takes longer than microwaving them. To sanitize bottles, you must completely immerse them in hot water for ten minutes. To sterilize the bottle, just pour hot water into it. 

Sterilize them in cold water

Cold water sterilization is preferred because it preserves the quality of glass bottles and enables several uses. How? Place the bottle entirely submerged in the ice or cold water bucket, and then let it be there for 5 to 10 minutes. 

UV sterilization

UV sterilization is a more practical technique for cleaning glass bottles; after being exposed to the sun for an hour or two, it will eradicate any germs on the container. UV light sterilization is safe for food, food preparation services, and non-food items. The fact that UV light sterilization is non-toxic is its most significant advantage. For example, UV light kills molds and fungi. Other sterilization methods may not work or leave a damp surrounding where fungi can thrive. Because UV disinfection is a dry procedure, you can be confident that it will eliminate existing mold and avoid potential growth. 

Dishwasher method

The dishwasher method is a popular way to sterilize glass bottles because it is easy and effective. A person should place the bottle on the top rack of their dishwasher, with the mouth facing down, and run it on a hot cycle. Don't forget to dry before using the bottle, the individual should dry it with a paper towel to remove detergent or soap residue.

Bleach solution

In order to sanitize glass bottles and render them suitable for further use, you may use a bleach solution. For instance, you may put the bottles in a tub that has been filled with water, then add two teaspoons of bleach solution to the water, and then let the bottles sit in the tub for twenty minutes. 

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